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Every year, a small segment of prescription drug users are hurt by unexpected side effects. We're here to uplift and protect that minority by providing health and safety information and financial support.

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Some products by these manufacturers have caused health concerns:

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  • RESOURCES for Pregnant Women

    During pregnancy, a woman must watch what she puts in her body - including prescription drugs or medical devices. This is because certain drugs can be bad for a developing baby's health and even cause harm to the mother during pregnancy. Frequent medical exams may be required to monitor the condition of the fetus to prevent any problems from arising.

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  • RESOURCES for Seniors

    Prescription drugs and medical devices are most commonly used to help the elderly population live a fulfilling live without the pain related to various medical conditions. However, some manufacturers fail to warn consumers of the product’s potential side effects. In these cases, the manufacturer should be held responsible for the defective drug or device, and individuals may be entitled to receive compensation.

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  • RESOURCES for Teens

    Drugs for teens can be challenging at times due to their development. While they're no longer children, they're also not yet adults. Because of this, some pharmaceutical drugs can come with an array of health risks ranging from minor side effects to severe complications. This can affect a teen's development and well-being as they continue into their adult years.

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Who We Are

Drug Center is an online resource for people experiencing serious adverse reactions to prescription drugs or medical devices used in surgery.

Drug Center is an independently funded and operated organization. We’re here to answer questions, provide support and help you understand your options when it comes to side effects and complications from drugs and devices.