Health Information

Every person is unique, which is why there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for health care treatment.

There are so many factors that affect your individual health

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Medical History
  • Genetics and Family Background
  • Past Surgeries and Procedures

It’s important to understand the effects of any prescription drugs and medical devices you’re putting in your body, as well as how they can influence your health.

For instance, health recommendations for women vary significantly compared to managing men’s health conditions. When it comes to medications, the biological make up of men and women play a large role in how dosages and ingredients will interact in the body.

Another group facing challenges with prescription drugs is the growing senior population. From the number of medications required each day to understanding adverse side effects, pharmaceuticals can become difficult and confusing for people as they age.

For those with cardiovascular complications, prescription drugs offer a way to better manage their health condition. However, when multiple drugs are mixed, harmful side effects can occur and cause irreversible damage.

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For years, women’s health has been overlooked as some manufacturers only tested prescription drugs on men before releasing them to market. By doing so, manufacturers neglected to realize how drugs can affect men and women in very different ways. Even common types of women’s pharmaceutical drugs can have serious side effects.

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Prescription drugs and medical devices are most commonly used to help the elderly population live a fulfilling live without the pain related to various medical conditions. However, some manufacturers fail to warn consumers of the product’s potential side effects. In these cases, the manufacturer should be held responsible for the defective drug or device, and individuals may be entitled to receive compensation.

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Cardiology Patients

People with heart disorders are often prescribed various types of medication to help manage their cholesterol and blood pressure. But sometimes, these drugs can cause additional complications or adversely react to one another. If not recognized early on, some symptoms of these drugs can be irreversible or even life-threatening.

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With an increase in the number of children suffering form chronic health conditions, drug manufacturers are producing new types of medications to help treat and prevent certain diseases. Unfortunately, some of these have triggered an array of harmful consequences that can impact children's health for many years to come.

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Drugs for teens can be challenging at times due to their development. While they're no longer children, they're also not yet adults. Because of this, some pharmaceutical drugs can come with an array of health risks ranging from minor side effects to severe complications. This can affect a teen's development and well-being as they continue into their adult years.

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College Students

A young adult's health and well-being is important throughout their college years. Some students turn to prescription drugs in an effort to prevent or treat certain conditions. However, these drugs can be powerful and prove problematic when taken over an extended period of time. If left untreated, these complications can progress and worsen, causing a lifetime of issues.

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Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, a woman must watch what she puts in her body - including prescription drugs or medical devices. This is because certain drugs can be bad for a developing baby's health and even cause harm to the mother during pregnancy. Frequent medical exams may be required to monitor the condition of the fetus to prevent any problems from arising.

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Cancer Patients

Cancer patients have access to a wide variety of drugs and medical devices to help fight the disease. While many of these are beneficial in treating different forms and stages of cancer, they can also lead to a lifetime of health problems. Because of this, it's important to stay informed about treatment methods and potential side effects.

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Diabetes puts you at greater risk for developing other health conditions and complications. Prescription drugs and medications can prove beneficial in treating your diabetes or concurrent health problems. However, not all drugs used by diabetics are tested on diabetic populations, and some drugs may have negative interactions when used together.

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