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Understanding Prescription Drug Labels

The Food and Drug Administration requires drug companies to inform consumers of risks associated with their products, but it can be difficult to understand prescription drug labels and warnings if you don’t know where to look. You’ll find most information about your prescription drug in the package insert or in a Boxed Warning.


In Light of Prescription Drug Shortages, Ethical Concerns Arise

Numerous prescription drug shortages have made national headlines recently. Shortages impact a wide range of medications from painkillers to cancer treatments, leaving consumers feeling uneasy about alternatives and their potential side effects. Find out how to keep the growing number of drug shortages from negatively impacting your health.


National Safety Month: Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse

During National Safety Month, the staggering realities about prescription drug abuse in America often take center stage. With the nonmedical use of prescription drugs growing throughout the country, organizations are taking action to bring awareness about the risks of substance abuse and addiction.


Antibiotic Label Updates Made After Decades

The antibiotic class fluoroquinolones were developed for serious infections; however, they’re frequently prescribed for less severe conditions as well. Now, after more than 30 years on the market, recent research suggests they can lead to dangerous health complications. As a result, drug labels are receiving updates to reflect the new safety information.


FDA Launches New Invokana Safety Review

Recent studies about the newer class of type 2 diabetes drug, Invokana, show an increased risk of leg, foot and toe amputations. The FDA has since warned individuals and doctors to carefully watch for any warning signs that may occur while taking the drug.